Thursday, September 15, 2016

A.C. Thomas speaking at New Orleans kidlit conference

Oh wow! A few months ago, the kidlit industry was ablaze with news about A.C. Thomas's debut YA novel winning a publishing auction. Her story sounds like a fairy tale, and I can't wait to get my hands on her upcoming novel, The Hate U Give.Already there's a movie deal, and the book hasn't even come out yet!

I've been enjoying her website: I mean, what's it like to suddenly have the world's attention on something you wrote?

(Apparently, it's really hard. In a recent Twitter fiasco, trolls did their best to shut down her positive #ISupportDiversity thread. But lots of us support and believe in her efforts.)

The Louisiana/Mississippi chapter of SCBWI will be honored with A.C. Thomas as a guest speaker at our upcoming kidlit conference, JambaLAya, in New Orleans on March 10-11, 2017. Can't wait!!

SCBWI-LA/MS Announces YA author A.C. Thomas will speak at JambaLAya Kidlit Conference.

A.C. Thomas, author of The Hate U + Give (Balzer + Bray/Harper Collins June 2017) will speak at JambaLAya Kidlit Conference 2017.
“I was struck from the very first pages,” Donna Bray told PW. “What an accomplished debut. [Thomas] painted a picture of this girl, this family, and this community in such an authentic way that I rarely see in YA literature.” Publishers Weekly 2/25/16.
Additional faculty to be announced soon!
JambaLAya Kidlit Conference
March 10-11, 2017 at the Academy of Sacred Heart Mater Campus on Historic St. Charles Avenue in New Orleans.

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