Thursday, November 12, 2015


Damn it's hard to get Butt in Chair.

Honestly, sometimes it seems as though the very last thing on my list of to-dos is actually to place Butt in Chair and Write. And by the time I do that, it's usually a very short time until I need to pick up the kids, or make dinner, or go to bed.

At the same time, there's so much busyness and so little that seems to actually get done.

So what's the remedy? I've started taking some free tai chi and yoga classes at the local rec center, and the instructors have talked about how when your body shakes in a particular pose or stance, it's just your body resisting.

But once you get past that resistance--gently, not by forcing--you get to this other, deeper place. We haven't really gone over how to get past the resistance, but I can tell the writing part of me is quaking. But I'm not giving up. I'm going to hold this pose and wait. Because I know the other side is where I'm meant to be.

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