Tuesday, June 2, 2009

New Work Published! And a Poetry Reading!

I'm happy to announce that two of my poems currently appear in Umbrella's annual issue of light verse, Bumbershoot. This issue features Richard Wilbur, as well as many other talented (and funny!) poets, so swing by and check it out! My poems (if you're in a hurry) are "Country-Western Triolet" and "Anecdote of the Green Toilet." Stay tuned for more new work posting soon...

Also, for anyone in the New Orleans area, I'll be giving a reading, with four or five other poets, on Saturday June 6 at Latter Library (on St. Charles). The fun will begin at 2 (and will only last until 3:30). Gina Ferrera will host; this is a newish monthly series she's putting together, so it's bound to be good. Hope to see some folks out there!

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